Photo by Rick Dublin

Photo by Rick Dublin



Peter is an award-winning architect with over 25 years of experience in residential, commercial and hospitality architecture. He is a deliberate thinker, an artist, and a maker of things who travels extensively to learn how other cultures design and build, and continually seeks out new sources of inspiration.

Peter apprenticed for a house builder, remodeled his loft, re-designed his garden, and has fabricated his own furniture and fixtures. Along the way he dug ditches, hauled lumber, and learned what things cost. It is this connection to the land, to laborers, and to the time and skill required to make unique buildings that grounds his approach as an architect.


Peter Benoit Architect founded in 2015

Melander Architects, San Francisco, 2005-2014

Helfand Myerberg Guggenheimer Architects, New York, 2000-2003

Kallmann McKinnell & Wood Architects, Boston, 1998-2000


Master of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Virginia Danish Institute for Study Abroad, Copenhagen



Licensed Architect, State of California

Registered Architect, State of Nevada

Registered Architect, State of New York

Registered Architect, State of New Jersey

NCARB Certified

American Institute of Architects


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Principles & Prototypes

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Fall 2003

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Exhibit of The LIBRARY Initiative
November 2002

American School & University Portfolio Awards Issue, LIBRARY
November 2002
Virginia Studio Record
UVa Architecture School



Peter Benoit’s work brings together architecture, interior design and landscape, traveling freely between tradition and modernity. He celebrates subtle transformations of materials with an eye towards fresh, refined details. He is a personal, hands-on architect experienced in the art of construction and customizes service to each of his clients.

We begin by hand-sketching an idea, develop it into working drawings, hand-select every component in our projects, and work one-on-one with master builders and craftspeople during construction. We use sophisticated 3D design technology to test and build our projects virtually, then create meticulous construction documents so builders can execute our vision.

We manage the entire process of architecture from initial concept through move-in. We take care of the thousands of details needed to complete a building so our clients don’t have to, advocating for beauty and quality the whole way through.

Mina Nishio is lead Project Manager in charge of our junior architects, BIM and drawing set production in the studio.  She is process-driven and professional beyond her years.  Mina is a San Diego native with a Master of Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles.  She travels extensively, and spends as much time as she can with her Jack Russell Terriers.


Ando is a Shiba Inu, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.  He has been with the company since its founding.